London’s Award Winning Caterer

Over nearly three decades we have explored new and exciting ways to deliver what is now considered to be some of the best food in London. From family run restaurant to award winning family run wedding and event caterer.

Award Winning Catering

Our executive chef Adam Neale has seen us twice crowned champions of the Square Meal Canapé Cup, whilst head chef Rhiannon Ball was the youngest ever female executive chef in London. Their passion for incredible flavours and undeniable talent as chefs is part of what makes us one of London’s best caterers. In 2016 and 2017 we were highly commended for caterer of the year by Event Magazine and were recognised, once again, as one of the best providers of canapés in London, winning the Critic’s Choice Award at VE16.

Bespoke event planning

Event planning is tough, we know this, so if you’d like a hand finding the perfect venue or sourcing the best production and entertainment, we would love to help. We work with some incredible partners and are more than happy to plan your whole event. It’s our food that got us where we are though, so if you’ve got the rest covered, we can just focus on producing the best possible catering.

if you need catering, or help with planning an event of any kind, feel free to call us on 0208 533 3341

Boulevard Events Catering Restaurant

A passion for service…

It’s been in our blood for two generations…

We’ve all visited those restaurants where, as soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by the warmest welcome imaginable. Every member of staff is smiling widely and you’re made to feel like a regular even if it’s your first visit. There’s an overwhelming sense of gratitude because of all the places you could’ve chosen, you decided to stop here and sample our family’s legacy. You look at the menu and say to your partner “it’s a shame they don’t have steak and chips, I really fancy that” then out of nowhere the waitress says “we can do that for you.” That’s the kind of restaurant we came from and that’s the kind of service we try to emulate to this day, except now we do it for 1000s of people, not just Claire and Ray at table four.

We really are passionate about this, it’s been in our blood for two generations and we’d be honoured if you gave us the opportunity to show you how that passion can transform your event.

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#VELIVE18 – Boulevard’s 30th Birthday Dessert Raffle

If you’ve found yourself here after clicking on a Square Meal Exhibitor’s Party email, you’ll probably be wondering what this dessert raffle is all about and how you can get your hands on that Jeroboam of Champagne! Or maybe you’re just wondering what Jeroboam means? Well let’s start with that, it’s 3 LITRES of Champagne in one bottle, so the winner will either be taking the Exhibitor Party up a level or will have a really good Christmas present for someone, either way, balling. Read More…

Blank canvas venues

In our 30 years as a caterer, we have catered for 100s of weddings and one question that comes up more than any other is, have you worked at a blank canvas venue before? It’s a huge concern for people, because until you’ve seen it happen, it really is difficult to picture the transformation of an empty space into a fully functioning wedding venue. Read More…

Whatever you do, enjoy it!

If you enjoy your work and care about the people you work with, turning up and giving 100% everyday almost becomes effortless. We think that people produce their best work when they’re happy, so we address that first and then we look at the other thing we are passionate about, food! Read More…

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