Healthy Meals Delivered to your Door


Boulevard Events! We are a local family run, event catering company based on Felstead Street in Hackney Wick. We have been part of the Hackney community for over 30 years, providing
award winning, nutritious food for events. Now we are delivering it to your home!


Incredible quality, nutritious, plant based meals, delivered fresh and refrigerated, with additional meat, fish or vegan protein sides for some extra calories if you wish, as well as homemade
smoothies, soups and desserts. All meals can be eaten cold but will be delivered with reheating instructions where necessary.

Now more than ever, it’s vital we take care of our immune system and there is no better way to do this than through a nutritious diet, that consists of variety and colour.

We have an incredible network of local food suppliers and can source meat, fish and vegetables reliably. Not only will this save you time and effort in the shopping department, it helps us support those local businesses who have supplied us for decades. Take a look at our sample menu and pricing on the back and get started today!

For every order we receive, we are donating one meal to our charity partners Streets Kitchen and Refugee Community Kitchen to help them through this challenging time. We are also offering 25% off for NHS workers and people over 70 years old.

Packages and pricing

Build your own package (minimum order value £25.00)
Vegan base meals £4.00
Add meat protein £2.50
Add fish protein £2.50
Add vegan protein £2.00
Smoothies (per 500ml) £2.50
Soups (per 500ml) £2.50
Desserts (per 250g) £2.50
One weekday package
10x base meals, 4x meat protein sides, 2x fish protein sides, 2.5x litres of smoothies, 2.5x litres of soups, 1x kg dessert. Your meals will arrive in two separate deliveries throughout the week. £86
Two weekday package
20x base meals, 8x meat protein sides, 4x fish protein sides, 5x litres of smoothies, 5x litres of soups, 2x kg of dessert. Your meals will arrive in four separate deliveries across two weeks. £167
Four weekday package
40x base meals, 16x meat protein sides, 8x fish protein sides, 10x litres of smoothies, 10x litres of soups, 4x kg of dessert. Your meals will arrive in eight separate deliveries across four weeks. £327
Bolt on weekend package
4x base meals, 2x meat sides, 1x fish side, 1x litre of smoothie, 1x litre of soup, 0.5x kg of dessert. Full order delivered on a Friday £32
One week vegan package
10x base meals, 6x vegan sides, 2.5x litres of smoothie, 2.5x litres of soup, 1x kg of dessert. Your meals will arrive in two separate deliveries during the week. £83


Example Menu


Multi coloured quinoa with spring onion, squash, kale, red fruits, lemon and chard leaves
Brazilian feijoada salad with black beans, chestnut mushrooms, paprika, artichokes and celery leaves
Slow cooked puy lentils with roasted shallot, green beans, spinach, charred sweetcorn and oyster mushrooms
Green beans, runner beans and golden beetroot Salad with radish, lamb’s lettuce and a yoghurt dressing


Jerk spiced chicken with scotch bonnets and lemon thyme
Arabic infused pulled shoulder of lamb slowly cooked in cardamom seeds, cumin and fresh ginger
Belly of pork glazed with black treacle, cooked in pear cider and served with crackling


Goan inspired spiced salmon fillet with fenugreek, curry leaves and a coconut paste
Roasted Monkfish clean and simple cooked in garlic and lemon


Homemade falafel with chickpeas, coriander and sesame
Roasted cauliflower, marinated in turmeric and black pepper
Totally vegan, roasted vegetable and green leaf frittata


70% dark Chocolate brownie with hazelnuts and dark fruits (vegan)
The ultimate ginger, nut meg and cinnamon carrot cake (vegan)
The best chocolate brownie
Millionaire shortbread slab


Immune boosting – Spinach, apple, fresh orange, turmeric
Digestive function – Ginger, lemon juice, pineapple, carrot
Recovery acceleration – Banana, blueberries, honey, almond milk


Vegetable soup of the day
Bone broth of the day


Please contact us via phone or email and we will send over an order form for you, arranging payment and scheduling your deliveries. We are asking for orders to be placed at least 3 days in advance so that we can make sure our own food orders are as accurate as possible. At this time we want to make sure we don’t over order on produce to allow the UK food supply chain to rebalance as much as possible.


During this unprecedented time, we recognise that many people in our community will be self isolating or working from home and will need convenient access to nutritious food. Our core business of events catering has been paused for the time being and we have a team of full time employees, whose day job is to produce world class catering. A team that we want to support until this crisis is over. Because of this, we can offer incredible quality food, made from the best ingredients available, at a fraction of the price you’d expect. It’s likely to be for a limited time only until we can all go back to normal life, but you never know. You won’t need to join the supermarket Royal Rumble and you can self isolate or work from home safely, in the knowledge that your nutrition is taken care of all without overspending.


Deliveries will be made twice weekly for our weekday only clients and those ordering food for the weekend will receive meals on Fridays. We will aim to complete all deliveries between 09:00 12:00 each day but if you require a more specific delivery time, we will do our best to accommodate.


Accessing food during this time will inevitably involve some contact with other humans, however we feel this system is one of the safest available, more so than visiting supermarkets and no less safe than receiving home deliveries. As an established catering company with a long standing 5 star food safety rating, we already adopt the highest standards of hygiene, designed to limit the spread of all germs including coronaviruses. In addition we are separating our workforce into two teams on a 7 day rota system, to ensure we limit the chance of any infected staff entering the premises while they are asymptomatic. Please view our hygiene protocols.

Call us on 0208 533 3341 for more information