This will certainly go down as one of the most spectacular events Boulevard has had the pleasure of catering. The awards dinner was for the staff of Warner Leisure, a large hospitality company with several hotels and resorts throughout the UK. The dinner was the culmination of a three day conference aimed at fine tuning their customer service across all of their hotels. The dinner itself was intended to showcase to the company’s staff just how good catering can be, which meant that this could be no ordinary awards dinner.

The event was held in Nottingham at the Thoresby Hall Hotel, one of Warner Leisure’s flagship locations. Boulevard was contracted by Classico Productions, the event organisers, to travel from London to deliver a seven course dinner service. The menu included an amuse bouche served in test tubes, halibut, sirloin of beef, homemade truffles, a dry ice effect and a melting dessert.

The menu

  1. Canapés
  • Wild boar Scotch quall egg
  • Short rib of beef burger in a brioche bun with Monterey Jack
  • Halloumi and roasted pepper skewers (chargrilled halloumi)
  • Mini baby spinach and stilton pie, with pea puree and white wine sauce
  • Smoked tuna with pepper and passion fruit salsa
  • Smoked salmon with crème fraiche and dill, served on a blini
  1. Amuse bouche soup shots
  • Chilled cucumber with strawberry and red onion
  • Butternut squash and baby pea.
  1. Starters
  • Potato crusted fillet of halibut with wilted garden greens finished with a crab and chervil sauce
  • Roquefort cheese soufflé with grilled artichoke and micro salad and a white wine sauce
  1. Main course
  • Roast sirloin of beef with dauphinoise potato, artichoke crisps, smooth burnt celeriac, pickled radish and black truffle
  • Sweet onion gnocchi with ricotta and tarragon fritter, butternut squash puree, romanesco, grilled fig and red onion salsa
  1. Dessert
  • Chocolate delice with salted caramel and chocolate crackling, baileys mousse with fresh strawberry, chocolate soil and honeycomb, encased in a chocolate dome and served with melting toffee sauce
  1. Selection of handmade chocolate truffles
  2. Fruit course

Guests commented on the sleekness of service, the “mouth-watering” sirloin of beef and the impressive theatre that went along with the menu.

Words from the client

“Last night I experienced something I have never seen before in 25 years. Without doubt your entire team were in one word “exceptional”.

The quality of food was exceptional, all the chefs were talented, professional and a pleasure to work with. I asked for excellence and they delivered beyond both mine and my clients wildest dreams

The waiting staff and front of house team were all professional and it was clear to see that you used staff at the top of their field.

As for you Mark your support pre event and presence throughout the set up and the event was incredible and as always you were calm, professional and never at any point doubted your teams ability to provide excellence.

Thank you, I mean it when I say that you quite simply were “exceptional” and I cannot wait to work with you and your amazing team again.”

Richard Cohen
Director, Classico Productions