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Healthy Meal Delivery

Delicious, colourful meals to support your immune system. Perfect work-from-home lunches or simple, nutritious dinners to support your health while at home

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Home Experiences

From delicious street food to the perfect Sunday roast. We do the legwork, you enjoy the experience. These menus involve a little home cooking

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BBQ Boxes

The best quality meat and vegan alternatives, marinated to perfection, packaged with love, and delivered to your door with all the BBQ trimmings

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We deliver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10:00-14:00. We ask for 48 hours notice for all food deliveries, but we will make exceptions wherever possible. If you require an alternative delivery time, please let us know.

All our meals are delivered cold and will keep in the fridge for up to 72 hours until you are ready to finish and eat them. This means we can deliver 7 days of food, on just 3 delivery days.

We are updating our catchment area all the time, but for now we are only delivering to East London, North London and selected South East London post codes. If you are outside these areas, please do get in touch as we want to serve as many people as possible. If we can get to you, we will.


Our core business of events catering has been paused for the time being and we have a team of full-time employees, whose day job is to produce world class catering. As there’s no events at the moment, we can offer incredible quality food, made from the best ingredients available, at a fraction of the price you’d expect. We can also deliver it to your homes without charging delivery.

It’s likely to be for a limited time only until we can all go back to normal life, but you never know.

We can save you the trouble of joining the supermarket Royal Rumble, you can self-isolate or work from home safely, while receiving some of the best food London has to offer, directly to your doorstep.


Accessing food during this time will inevitably involve some contact with other humans, however we feel this system is one of the safest available, more so than visiting supermarkets and no less safe than receiving home deliveries. As an established catering company with a long standing 5-star food safety rating, we already adopt the highest standards of hygiene, designed to limit the spread of all germs including coronaviruses. In addition we are separating our workforce into two teams on a 7-day rota system, to ensure we limit the chance of any infected staff entering the premises while they are asymptomatic. Please see here for full information on our hygiene protocols.

Call us on 0208 533 3341 for more information