There is a lot happening at the moment. Many actions, statements and opinions to process. We have been trying to take everything in. Not so we can decide where we sit on the most important conversation, #blacklivesmatter, we fully support the movement, the black community and all those who have experienced racial discrimination of any kind

We paused, because we want to ensure our commentary is genuine and valuable and not a token gesture or a PR exercise.

We have been trying to understand what is happening. In trying to understand we have spent more time listening and less time talking. More time reading and less time writing. More time learning and less time teaching.

One thing we feel compelled to share, however, is our support for the way our employees have expressed themselves during this time. Although, until now, we haven’t made a full public statement as a company, many of our team have done so on their own platforms.

Their commentary has been unanimously in support of the black community and in outright condemnation of systematic racism and inequality. We have seen their responses, publicly and privately, and we are incredibly proud of the courage and compassion they have shown.

We are lucky to have a diverse workforce, something we have always been immensely proud of and, more importantly, have seen as a huge benefit to the work we do. With more diversity, comes more experience, more perspective and more understanding.

To all the Boulevard family, we want you to know that we are incredibly proud of you. We will keep listening, so that we may continue to support you and the causes you hold dear.

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Posted by Mark Maher

Mark Maher
I spent most of my youth hanging around the kitchen in our family restaurant ‘Boulevard.’ I was always intrigued by food and how it’s prepared to enhance different flavours and then presented immaculately. I feel privileged to be in the position to be able to work with my family everyday, planning, organising and delivering exceptional events with outstanding food.

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