#VELIVE18 – Boulevard’s 30th Birthday Dessert Raffle

#VELIVE18 – Boulevard’s 30th Birthday Dessert Raffle

If you’ve found yourself here after clicking on a Square Meal Exhibitor’s Party email, you’ll probably be wondering what this dessert raffle is all about and how you can get your hands on that Jeroboam of Champagne! Or maybe you’re just wondering what Jeroboam means? Well let’s start with that, it’s 3 LITRES of Champagne in one bottle, so the winner will either be taking the Exhibitor Party up a level or will have a really good Christmas present for someone, either way, balling.

If you just happened to stop by our lovely website and you’re reading this because you’re one of those amazing people who like to read things, but you didn’t actually get the aforementioned email, you can’t win the Jeroboam, but you can check out our spectacular menus. Everyone’s a winner!

How the raffle works

It’s pretty simple really, the first thing you need to do is come to the Exhibitor Party at 19:00 on the 19th September, which means you’ll need your exhibitor badge, don’t forget that! If you don’t have an exhibitor badge, again no Jeroboam but very good menus overleaf 🙂

Then, once Square Meal have announced the result of the Canape Cup 2018 (we are seriously due a win here, it’s getting silly), we will open the dessert raffle station.

Bring your badge up to the station, it’ll be the one with a massive Champagne bottle on, get the badge scanned by one of the Boulevard team and take your present box (they’re presents because it’s our birthday this year, we are 30, Yay! Happy Birthday us!).

There are 250 boxes, so if there’s more than 250 of you then you’d better get in line quickly.

249 boxes will contain our Canape Cup entry for this year – For Friends Past and Present (it’s a play on words), which is a take on the 80s classic Banoffee pie.

1 box will contain the GOLDEN honeycomb, the bearer of this box will have the Jeroboam of Champagne bestowed upon them in front of all their jealous peers! The rest of you lucky people get to taste our canape cup contender, once again everyone’s a winner! Unless we come second like last year, then it’s just you guys and some other caterer doing the winning.

Inevitably there will come a point where someone shouts with joy like Charlie when he opened that bar of chocolate from Willy Wonka. At which point the competition will be over, but all our remaining boxes will still be available to take away as gifts or to eat there and then and they will contain something seriously delicious, so don’t be disheartened by the slight anti-climax that 249 of you will go through.

Throughout all this excitement we will also be serving some of our best savoury canapes around the terrace so everyone gets a taste of Boulevard, we won’t say everyone’s a winner again. Oops!

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Posted by Mark Maher

Mark Maher
I spent most of my youth hanging around the kitchen in our family restaurant ‘Boulevard.’ I was always intrigued by food and how it’s prepared to enhance different flavours and then presented immaculately. I feel privileged to be in the position to be able to work with my family everyday, planning, organising and delivering exceptional events with outstanding food.

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