Meet our amazing new events intern from across the pond – Jenna O’Grady!

Meet our amazing new events intern from across the pond – Jenna O’Grady!

My passion finally became reality…

Hi, I’m Jenna! I’m the brave American who decided to give up her finance job in New York City to pursue her dreams of event planning across the pond. The Event Academy is an incredible private institute in London that I found one day while googling ‘how to follow your dreams of becoming an event planner UK’. I sent an enquiry and literally within ten minutes, I received an email saying, ‘the head of admissions is in NYC right now, can you meet up with her?’ That’s when I knew fate was on my side and I had no choice but to jump onto this opportunity. I had two months to prepare for my wonderful new journey.

The Hackney WickRoaming between various venues, it was an intense, yet exciting three months of challenging lectures. At the end, I felt I could conquer any type of role in any type of event!

The second part of the program consists of a three month work placement in your desired field of events. Catering events has always been at the top of my list – I’m a die-hard foodie! I am excited Boulevard Events took me in for this awesome learning experience.

My first week at Boulevard was very active — Information overload and popping between client meetings basically sums it up! Priya is my fabulous Sales & Events Manager / mentor who is also an Event Academy alum. She graciously brought me to all her client meetings where I was the awkward, mute note taker, but I learned a lot! It was great to see first-hand that everything I learned in my lectures is actually applied to real life! These conversations are real! Pitching to clients actually isn’t all that scary and intimidating when you’re sitting having a casual conversation vs. having to crunch in all you want to say while STANDING and NOT looking at your presentation or note cards within thirteen minutes!! I also learned how to write client proposals and quotes for their catered event whether it was a wedding, corporate event or private party. The staff have been really welcoming, accommodating and patient when I ask them over twenty questions a day or when I lock myself out. Hey, that’s how you learn right?

Boulevard is located in the edgy Hackney Wick area. Graffiti beautifully splattered everywhere on run down warehouses that have been transformed into quirky cafes and bars gives it a nice Brooklyn vibe.  It’s the perfect ambience where tasteful creations begin…

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Posted by Jenna O'Grady

Jenna O'Grady
When I was younger, I was always the ‘party planner’ or ‘socialiser’ that would plan our weekend adventures. Full disclosure, I would create a very-detailed itinerary on weekends where we had to bounce from party to party. I feel completely in my element at Boulevard Events. I love being able to have hands-on experience at our events and making our client’s vision come true. Not only am I experiencing both the sales and operational side of catering events, I get to be my true foodie self, hanging out in the kitchen, learning the art of cooking with the chefs.

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