EXCITING NEWS for the Boulevard Family

EXCITING NEWS for the Boulevard Family

We are back in the spotlight this week, having officially released some exciting catering news to the catering and events press!

Event Industry News tell it best here.

Over the 30 years we’ve been in business, we have worked in 100’s of London’s finest venues, but to be selected as the sole catering partner for one as iconic as the ArcelorMittal Orbit​, is just an honour. It’s a huge milestone for our team and one that we are so very proud of.

We shared this news with some of our closest event industry friends yesterday, before it reached the press and one noted “it will take you longer to get up in the lift than it will to get to your catering kitchens” – he’s right, we are right on the doorstep in Hackney Wick.

Not only is this testament to the London Legacy vision of the 2012 Olympics, which aimed to bring new opportunities to local businesses, it’s also a great example of sustainable, localised collaboration. Something we need to prioritise more than ever.

Thank you to all our followers for being part of the journey so far, we hope you stay with us for many chapters to come!

If there’s one thing we have realised, it’s that success isn’t just about results, it’s about who you achieve those results with. Buy into your team, look after them, motivate each other but most of all enjoy the journey!

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Posted by Mark Maher

Mark Maher
I spent most of my youth hanging around the kitchen in our family restaurant ‘Boulevard.’ I was always intrigued by food and how it’s prepared to enhance different flavours and then presented immaculately. I feel privileged to be in the position to be able to work with my family everyday, planning, organising and delivering exceptional events with outstanding food.

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