25 Years in 25 Tweets; Catering for Sports Relief

As you know, we catered for Bruce Forsyth’s birthday and the BBC must have been pleased with our work as it led to a number of other bookings with them during the year that followed.
Our family have always been huge supporters of the Sports Relief initiative run by the BBC every year and, generally, if the family love it – Boulevard love it! This is why, when we were subsequently taken on to provide the catering for Sports Relief we were not just honoured by the size of the event but also incredibly proud to be associated with such a wonderful cause.
The event went magnificently but, unfortunately, it was one of the last jobs that we would carry out for the BBC as the financial meltdown forced their hand into making a number of budgetary cuts.
That is a shame, but we are extremely grateful to have so many great memories of such spectacular events that we were able to make our own mark on.