25 Years in 25 Tweets; Events Catering at Tower Bridge

One of many ‘swan moments’ we have experienced over the 25 years – floating elegantly on the surface while paddling furiously underneath. We were asked to provide a full English breakfast for LB Tower Hamlets in one of our favourite venues that we have ever catered – Tower Bridge! Unfortunately, as scenic, beautiful and rich in history as it is, there was one consideration that had we spent the morning working against; you cannot stop on the bridge!
This led to a whirlwind of trolley pushing and dinner laying as food was transported along the bridge and up the lifts to where it was being served. Difficult, yes, but things were about to get a lot more frantic when the power surge left us without power for a large section of the morning! Calm heads and a good amount of experience under our belt meant we could put on a seemingly unfazed outlook while at the same time battling a rather tempting urge to panic and run! As I said, a swan moment! Fortunately the event continued as planned despite this blip and is now a memory we look back on very fondly.