Getting “immersive” with ILEA

The theme? 

‘Shipwrecked on a cannibal island’

“Make it immersive they said”

Well if grabbing a large spoon and diving head first into a shipwreck of desserts isn’t immersive, we must’ve misunderstood the brief. Oh yes, that is an edible beach. 
If you want creativity, first you need passion, you need to see your craft in everything. We love food, but even more than that we love bringing to life our ideas in a way that compliment the visions of those we work with. 
That word “bespoke” is thrown around too often but if you truly want something that’s not on the menu and have a vision that can be brought to life through food (and Heston isn’t around), give us a shout. We’re pretty good at this stuff.