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We put together exceptional event catering in London and the Home Counties. Whether you’re hosting for ten guests or ten thousand, we have decades of experience in catering for all occasions and a commitment to excellence that means your event will be absolutely unforgettable.

When it comes to service we think we’re onto something really special. We have a fully comprehensive and collaborative approach, so we create events around you. All the way from deciding on the venue, to the table service on the night.

If you’re organising a private party, a wedding, or a corporate event – together we can find your perfect venue, theme, and of course, a sumptuous menu.

Event catering comes in many forms, from elegant canapés and bowls or classy three course seated dinners, to live food stalls where guests can interact with the chefs and see the dishes prepared fresh in front of their eyes. Over the years we have refined our offerings and explored new and exciting ways to deliver amazing food. We were twice crowned Square Meal Canapé Cup Champions, so we are doing something right! The industry has also recognised us as one of the most creative, interactive and exciting event caterers around and we would love to show you how we can translate our skills to your event.

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Kate Stern


As Directors of a catering company we have supplied hundreds of weddings and we’ve attended quite a few as well, in fact once or twice we’ve even supplied and attended the same wedding. In our experience, one thing that is universally apparent is that very few people realise just how much the caterer actually does. I don’t think anyone really believes that we simply turn up, serve the food and then leave, but there is always a sense of surprise when we meet with couples and they see how much is already taken care of as part of the catering package. The question is: what is standard and what is going the extra mile?
Let’s start with the basics, you must offer a tasting. Different caterers will have different policies on this but we do NOT charge for tastings, why would you charge for the opportunity to showcase the one thing that you are supposed to be good at?
Following the tasting there are several responsibilities that we take on as the caterer and that includes, but is in no way limited to:

• Conducting a venue site visit to visualise the day and determine the layout, timings, colour schemes etc.
• Being in frequent contact with the bride/groom to iron out details
• Offering support and advice at all stages of planning (not necessarily limited to food and beverage)
• Giving clear instructions about what is required from the couple (guest list, table plan, dietary requirements etc.)
• Where possible, making sure the original point of contact (catering manager) is present at all stages, including the day itself. If not, handing it over as early as possible to the manager that will be there
• Informing the overall timetable based on our knowledge of how long things take (again not just limited to food and beverage service)
• Liaising with Ushers/Best men on the day and making sure everything stays on schedule (all activities affect the catering, including delays in photographs, speeches etc. so we must make sure the day stays on track)
• Serving amazing food, seamlessly, on time and with a smile
• Being there until the last guest has left the building, then clearing the venue and leaving it as we found it

Now that’s just the basics and we certainly wouldn’t say that the responsibilities of the caterer are limited to those seven bullet points, but when you are already doing all of those things, how do you go the extra mile? The key thing from our point of view is to be flexible. Many couples will see their wedding as their Sistine Chapel, they are painting their masterpiece and they want to be in charge of the brush strokes, and rightly so. Now that might mean that they want a sharing menu instead of a plated three course, or it might mean they want to create an afternoon tea room, dress the chefs up in bakers hats and cover them in flour for the evening to serve the desserts. To go the extra mile is to say ‘yes’ to as many of these things as possible. That’s what makes a wedding special and that’s how you make couples feel like they’re Michelangelo. Yes it’s easier from a business and logistical perspective to stick to the three course set menu blueprint. However, it’s way better if you say ‘yes!’ when a bride asks for her wedding breakfast to be a feast of themed food stalls from around the globe, or when the couple want you to recreate the menu from the restaurant where they had their first date. Yes this means that you will have to work a bit harder, but it also means that you will make special memories for your customers, which is exactly why we started doing this in the first place.

Dessert stand - web


As birthday parties go, this one was up there! All the suppliers went to town with their contributions and ISES members showed up in force to wish Happy Birthday to the mother hen. In fairness you can hardly fail to throw a party in The Loft, one of EggLDN’s many versatile event spaces (@EggEventsLondon www.egglondon.co.uk/corporate). There’s a reason this venue has won multiple Cool Venue awards. We’ve known it for ages but everyone else is starting to find out just how special EggLDN is as a corporate event space. A special mention to the Off To Work team who had a strong presence on the dance floor and also provided some of their fabulous waiting staff to serve our food. As always they were switched on, proactive and full of smiles. Fat Unicorn (what a name by the way) were making dreams come true, cropping us into pictures with our childhood idols using their “green thing.” Obviously the Boulevard team had a snap with S-Club 7, then Mark spent the rest of the night trying to dance like Bradley, however Lowell Cabual of Classico Productions stole the show on that front, I digress…

It was, as always, fantastic to see so many friends and colleagues from around the events world and the vast majority of networking took place as part of a dance-off circle #SHAPES. The most influential shapes award goes to Jason ‘@Penthouselord’ Allan Scott. Special mention to Elena Clowes (@ElenaClowes), Operations Manager of ISES UK, for her exceptional song requests which helped to make the above networking possible.

As for the catering, we decided to test out our new fine dining menus as bowl food portions which really went down a storm. The rabbit croquette with celeriac and butternut squash puree had #eventprofs clambering over each other for seconds. The most popular canapé, by far, was the honey glazed pork belly with black pudding and sour apple puree, comments included, but were not limited to, “the best thing I’ve ever eaten” (Mark Allen, Head of Event Sales for Arcelormittal). Considering it was up against the 2014 winner of the Square Meal Canapé Cup, that’s quite the statement. Maybe we should put that forward for this year’s competition?

The show stopper, however, was without doubt the dessert station. As with the Halloween party of 2015, we pulled out all the stops for everyone’s favourite course. The ISES birthday cake was a giant version of our 00Heaven canapé, the 2015 Square Meal Canapé Cup winner (yes we’ve won it twice in a row, didn’t we tell you?). This was surrounded by the canapé itself as well as giant martini glass baileys, honeycomb and homemade aero sundaes. Check out the picture! The banana split was provided by the legendary Lowell Cabual, which you can see on his twitter page(@lowellcabual).

Thanks again to all who attended and to everyone who made it a night to remember, can’t wait for the 16th birthday!

00Heaven - Canape Cup Winner


Sadly we missed out on the shenanigans at Gilgamesh last month but never mind because we are catering for the highly anticipated ISES 15th birthday tonight and we plan on making it extra special.
Not only will we be transforming our triumphant canapé cup 2015 entry (00Heaven) into a giant birthday cake, we will be rolling out 2014s winner (The Hunter’s Gathering) and two of the contenders for this year’s entry will be circulating the room as well. All feedback is welcome and appreciated as we would love to beat our good friends over at Eden to the hat-trick in 2016.

In additional to the above, we have transformed our newly launched fine dining menus into bowl food portions for tonight’s special occasion, so it’s safe to say that all stops have been well and truly pulled out to celebrate our friends’ big day.

The anticipation has been too much for some #eventprofs, who have been in touch asking about tonight’s menu, so we thought we would give you a little teaser…

The Hunters’ Gathering – Winning Canapé of the Square Meal Canapé Cup 2014: Smoked venison with wild mushroom, celeriac and truffle puree, pancetta, fresh blackberry and a sweet Rioja jus collected in a crisp potato basket

00Heaven – Winning Canapé of the Square Meal Canapé Cup 2015:
Chocolate delice on a salted caramel and chocolate crackling base, baileys mousse with fresh strawberry, chocolate soil and honeycomb, finished with dehydrated strawberry

Seared peppered mackerel, sweetcorn fritter, cauliflower coral

Honey glazed pork belly, black pudding, toasted mustard seeds, sour apple puree, apple crisps

Coconut and coriander dhal on a poppadum, green mango and coconut

We will keep the bowls a secret for now, something should be left to the imagination ;)… see you tonight!